Field Access System
Advanced Service Management & Number Portability
Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade
CLEC Interconnection Gateway
Customer Network Management Systems Engineering & Development
Enhanced Directory Services
Service Activation & Date Collection interfaces for AIN SCP
US Department of Defense
Financial Systems

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Key Projects

We have an excellent reputation for delivering quality products and services on schedule. The following is a list of some of our projects:

Field Access System:

Multi-year contract with a major Telecom company to perform all maintenance, support, and enhancement for a Field Force Access system. This system is deployed over 9 states and is accessed by over 15,000 service technicians to resolve trouble tickets and provision new service orders.

Advanced Service Management & Number Portability:

Multi-year contract with a major company, to perform all maintenance, enhancement, and support for critical subsystems of an Advanced Service Management System in support of Local Number Portability (LNP). This system is used by service providers to offer local phone services in a competitive market, providing LNP as mandated by the FCC

ITS is currently involved in re-engineering the above System for performance improvements and to meet the current requirements of the WNP.

Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade:

Currently engaged in an effort to upgrade the Wireless infrastructure used by a major RBOC for use by their entire field force spanning multiple states.

CLEC Interconnection Gateway:

Currently engaged with a leading Telecommunications vendor in providing a solution for an interconnection gateway for pre-order processing. This system is to be used internationally

Customer Network Management Systems Engineering & Development:

Provided systems engineering and technology consulting to support Customer Network Management of Frame Relay services for international clients of a major telecommunications company.

Enhanced Directory Services:

Developed major components for a listing information support system that is essential to the production of "Enhanced" White Pages directories. The system supports up to 12 million entries.

Service Activation & Data Collection interfaces for AIN SCP:

Developed Service Activation & Data Collection interface for Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Service Control Point (SCP) for a Regional Bell Operating Corporation.

US Department of Defense:

Provided advanced technology R&D assistance to the U.S Navy in the definition of a reference architecture for seamless integration of their heterogeneous platforms. Defined architecture and tools based on CORBA and Web technologies.

Financial Systems:

Provided solutions for the financial industry in the following Systems, Standards, and application areas:

  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Transaction Security/Authentication Systems
  • Generic Inter-systems messaging infrastructure
  • SDN implementation
  • Reconciliation Systems
  • Payment Systems
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Systems
  • Trade Entry Systems
  • Private Banking
  • Matching & Confirmation Systems
  • Communications and processing subsystems to deal with various bodies and standards, including:
    • C.H.I.P.S (Clearing House for Inter-Bank Payment Systems)
    • Fed-wire subsystems
    • Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications


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